What is hydroseeding?!
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hydro seeding is similar to decompaction and is a method of planting grass that involves spraying a mixture of seeds, fertilizer, water, mulch, and soil treatment agents on a prepared area. It is a popular method used to plant lawns or replenish land patches where wildfires have destroyed vegetation.

ΓΌ How does it work?

The different ingredients are mixed in a tank in which is created with homogeneous slurry that is sprayed through a hose over prepared ground. The moist mulch shelters the seed from sunlight, the wind, and erosion by run-off water.As the germinated seedlings grow, the mulch decomposes and releases nutrients that enable the grass to grow even faster. The mulch used in hydroseeding easily blends with the environment as it is dyed green. Because of the protection, they get from the mulch, the seedlings develops deep root systems that translates into an even leaf stock pattern.

What are the benefits of hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a great way of controlling soil erosion and can be used to replant pieces of land affected by wildfires. Using this method, you can plant grass on almost any kind of surface, whether slopped or uneven, espeically if you have high quality air spades. It not only provides a weed-free way of planting but also allows for easy fixing of patches by simply re-spraying.

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